We joined AWE 2016 in Santa Clara, CA

It was awesome! Telepresence robots are cute!! I joined an event for wearable technology, VR and AR, AWE in Santa Clara,CA and met a Fashion Tech Designer. I’m impressed! There are lots of waiting people to drink it. I saw the 3D printing suit IoT. I’m thinking about making a fashion item to integrate Intel Edison or Raspberry Pi Zero.

The other interesting thing is smart texture. It gets physical data from a person’s movements. A user and trainer can check it by a smartphone app. The UI and UX of this app are good and look simple. it will be more useful than a smartwatch.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t try Meta2. It’s just a demonstration on a stage.

Thanks, Silicon Valley. You have my word, I’ll visit there again I’m going back to New York tomorrow.

This event is one of the largest IoT events in all the world. There are lots of presentations about IoT. I look forward to watching O’Reilly IoT Learning Lab! It’s an awesome opportunity to learn how to develop an IoT application.

Thank you for giving it to me. I’ll use my experience combining fashion with technology.